What’s the Opposite of Anxiety?


What if the opposite of your anxiety isn’t necessarily peace?

What if the opposite of anxiety is actually FAITH, which produces peace?

So often we pray that God will soften up our situation, but not that he would teach us something. We see bad things as just that: BAD, bad things.

What if God wants to teach us something in our “bad stuff”? What if our opposition is really an OPPORTUNITY to grow to be more like Jesus? To grow to love God more? To have more faith in Him? To be better for our friends and family?

I encourage you this week to see your “bad stuff” as an opportunity to grow and learn to have FAITH in God. Believe that He will do what He said He will do. He can move the mountains! Let your anxiety and worry be ceased by your faith that God WILL come through… and let that faith produce peace in your life to trust in the One who will never fail you. ❣️

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