“The Fallen One” (VIDEO)

I have always wanted to create music that matters; music that inspires; music that changes things.
I composed a short piece today entitled, “The Fallen One”. In this, each movement tells a story. The beginning starts with a tune you may be familiar with, until you hear it fall away. This is symbolic of the slow fade of an angel that began to feel drawn to pride rather than God. As the piece continues, you hear what sounds like a struggle meeting darkness. This is evil entering into the heart of the angel as they begin to lose all desire for God.
The second movement meets a woman who is easy tormented by this evil that invades her life. She makes a downward spiral into depression, hopelessness, and fear.
The third movement meets another woman who is brighter, happier in spirit. She puts up a good fight, but is eventually drawn into the same place as the previous woman. She experiences hurt that leaves her ashamed.
The fourth movement finds a third woman who believes she can put up a good fight and nothing can harm her, yet as evil enters into her life she finds herself in a similar position as the two previous women. She cannot escape her pain. Her fall into depression is ugly. She stumbles down into a dark pit that she feels is inescapable.
The fifth movement follows a woman of God. Declaring praises and promises of God. Even as darkness tries to overtake her, she keeps singing. As her praise gets louder, her faith grows stronger. She fights back her enemy with a double-edged sword.
As she continues to sing these praises, she is joined by a community that lifts her up. She feels the presence of God with her. This encourages her to keep pushing forward & to not give up hope.
She runs into the previous women, sharing her story & the power that is in Christ to overcome the darkness. As she shares, these women begin to light up. They are filled to the brim with peace & joy.
The sixth movement enters into a new dark time for each woman. They experience betrayal & hurt; yet, they are still filled with hope. It ends with the hope and promise from the praise brought forth by one woman of God.
Here it is:

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