“The Fallen One” (VIDEO)

I have always wanted to create music that matters; music that inspires; music that changes things.
I composed a short piece today entitled, “The Fallen One”. In this, each movement tells a story. The beginning starts with a tune you may be familiar with, until you hear it fall away. This is symbolic of the slow fade of an angel that began to feel drawn to pride rather than God. As the piece continues, you hear what sounds like a struggle meeting darkness. This is evil entering into the heart of the angel as they begin to lose all desire for God.
The second movement meets a woman who is easy tormented by this evil that invades her life. She makes a downward spiral into depression, hopelessness, and fear.
The third movement meets another woman who is brighter, happier in spirit. She puts up a good fight, but is eventually drawn into the same place as the previous woman. She experiences hurt that leaves her ashamed.
The fourth movement finds a third woman who believes she can put up a good fight and nothing can harm her, yet as evil enters into her life she finds herself in a similar position as the two previous women. She cannot escape her pain. Her fall into depression is ugly. She stumbles down into a dark pit that she feels is inescapable.
The fifth movement follows a woman of God. Declaring praises and promises of God. Even as darkness tries to overtake her, she keeps singing. As her praise gets louder, her faith grows stronger. She fights back her enemy with a double-edged sword.
As she continues to sing these praises, she is joined by a community that lifts her up. She feels the presence of God with her. This encourages her to keep pushing forward & to not give up hope.
She runs into the previous women, sharing her story & the power that is in Christ to overcome the darkness. As she shares, these women begin to light up. They are filled to the brim with peace & joy.
The sixth movement enters into a new dark time for each woman. They experience betrayal & hurt; yet, they are still filled with hope. It ends with the hope and promise from the praise brought forth by one woman of God.
Here it is:

10 GIFS That Accurately Describe Your Day At Church


We get it. We know what it’s like to be at church all day. We know what it’s like when your parents say you’re leaving but stay talking in the parking lot to the other church moms for 15 more minutes. We hope you enjoy our top 10 gifs to accurately describe your day at church.

1.When you finally choose the right outfit for church.

winnie the pooh.gif

We all know what it can be like trying to choose the perfect outfit. But when you finally get it right, the feeling is great. It makes you want to do a little dance like Pooh… Except I don’t know about all that head turning around your body. We may need to hold a prayer service for that type of thing…

2. Pulling up to church and seeing your friends like:


Sunday might be the one time you get to just relax and hang out with your friends. Everyone gets busy during the week with school, work, and family. Sundays can be a great time to catch up and talk about your weeks!

3. When your friend does a solo during the worship and you are so proud.

giphy (2).gif

You know that “proud mom” moment when someone you know is giving a testimony or leading worship & you break out your phone to record every second of it while you ask the person next to you to take pictures so you can post it on every social media platform to support your friend. Yeah, we get it.

4. When the Holy Spirit is hitting you with that revelation that you were trying to avoid.

giphy (3).gif

This is the worst & best moment of church! Jesus be like, “You already know Billy isn’t good for you, girl.” And you be like, “But Jesus! … you ry, you ry.” We’ve been there before.

5. When your church friends are in front of you making plans to go out for lunch and don’t ask you.


I mean, I get it. We sometimes have meetings, small groups, or counseling with a pastor after church, but… COME ON! I want to go to In-N-Out, too!

6. When you come into church with a bad attitude but then someone compliments you.

giphy (5).gif

You can feel when that church mom or super sweet acquaintance approaches you, it’s about to go down. They’ll compliment, encourage, and prophesy over you. Then all of a sudden you realize what happened before church really wasn’t that big of a deal.

7. When the band plays your favorite song during worship.

giphy (6).gif

“OMG, OCEANS!” Don’t try to lie… you all know you love that song!

8. When the preacher asks the keyboard player to stay on the stage while he talks.


You already know he’s about to preach when this happens. Prepare yourself to be at church longer than you expected.

9. Or when the pastor gets up and says “I’m not gonna preach”.


Honestly, I still don’t know why preachers say this. We all know this actually means I’m going to preach because I’m really on fire about what God is showing me to speak to the church, so prepare to be here for 25 more minutes than usual. Which is fine with us! That’s when you know your life is about to be changed because God’s sparked something in your pastor. Even if it means 25 extra minutes of a grumbling stomach… Ha! 😉

And lastly…

10.  That feeling you get when you go home after church knowing that you have a wonderful community around you & a God who loves you forever.

giphy (9).gif

No matter what your church looks like, the style of music, or your location, you know that your church family is forever and loves you! This is the best part about being a part of a community of believers: genuine, real, honest fellowship. It’s great being united by the Love of a Savior and growing to know Him more and more each day. God is good!

This post has been a collaborative effort by Kimy Brennan & Olayinka Bamidele.