The One Mistake Every Worship Leader Has Made (And How To Fix It)


Have you ever heard a worship song & thought, “Wow, this song would be great for our congregation”?

Chances are, you have. As worship leaders, we are always looking out for new songs… Especially when that one student comes up to you saying, “Are we doing Oceans AGAIN tonight?”

In our search to create the perfect database of songs to choose from, we find ourselves running into this one problem: Choosing the “perfect set list” & having it become a trainwreck.

“We create worship sets with songs in mind, not our team”

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Our mistake is often that we create worship sets with songs in mind, not our team.

If your youth band consists of one guitar, one singer, & a cajon, don’t do songs like “Alive” (Hillsong Young & Free) with the expectation that it will sound just like the original.

Similarly, we need to have our teams in mind when creating a set list for our services.

For example, if we are doing Oceans or another song in a higher key, I will be sure to schedule a male vocal to cover the tenor parts so that our worship set is not top-heavy (soprano-heavy).

We need to keep our teams in mind when creating sets. If we do not, we will become discouraged; our team will become discouraged; and ultimately our congregations will feel our discouragement.

To be successful and effective for the Kingdom in worship, assess the skills & talents of those on your team. Release them to add their strengths to the team, and be sure to encourage them to grow in those areas that are weak. Delegate responsibilities to youth leaders and students (yes, students) on your team with the anticipation that they will grow in maturity & responsibility. Create a culture of worship & teamwork on your team, and their hearts will flow out of that during a worship set.

Each team has been created uniquely in terms of people, gifting, and personalities. What has God called your worship team to value? Who has He called your team to be?

If you would like to book us for a worship team training/workshop event, contact us!

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